Call Me Crazy!

First, I hope everyone had a blessed Thanksgiving!  We spent ours with 2 of our children and their families, ate too much, and ended up in bed “turkey tired” and all sugared out!  lol  Typical!

By now you all must know how much I love dogs.  I’ve had them since I was a little girl, many, many (many) years ago.  Haha!  We got our Oliver from a wonderful rescue group 9 years ago called Lucky Star Cavalier.  We actually drove all the way to Wisconsin to pick him up.  He and Maddi were best buds until her passing this past April.

Well…along comes Sadie, the ruby Cavalier.  So adorable, but teeth like an alligator!  Can’t wait ’til this little nipping stage is past.  Oliver is so patient with her.  She hangs on his ears and he just looks at me helplessly.  🙁  So, why am I even crazier?  We are (in a couple of months) getting another Tri-color Cavalier like our Maddi!  I’m in love…again!  Her mama’s name is Lainie and she is the sweetest dog (besides Maddi)!  Here are some pics.

013 “Maisie” (means Pearl) a true English name for an English breed.  Born November 6th.  (Sadie means Princess.)




Mama Lainie with her puppies.

Have a wonderful day!  I’ll be back with another post in a couple of days.  “The Perfect Blend”, my coffee design is framed and on it’s way back to me.  I’m excited to show you how awesome it turned out!


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