Coffee Anyone?

The British in me loves a cup of tea.  One of my favorite things to do as a child was visiting my Aunt Doll, my Dad’s sister, whose real name was Doris.  Her 5 brothers nicknamed her Doll.  Aunt Doll must have had the patience of a saint, as she was always picking up my dropped stitches as she taught me how to knit.  She was an excellent seamstress, too, and I guess I developed my love of “anything with a needle and thread” from her.  She never did cross stitch, but I’m sure she would have been great at that as well. I digress!

Aunt Doll and I would share time together with a good cup of tea, black with lots of milk and sugar!  I wasn’t to learn the pleasures of coffee until I was considered an adult!  I still love my tea, and have discovered so many wonderful varieties.  But… coffee is my morning go to.  This time of year our Wawa convenience stores here in Virginia serve up the most wonderful Pumpkin Spice blend.  This with just a little Stevia (I ditched the sugar) makes my heart sing. When I can convince my husband to take an after dinner drive, I get treated to a cup.

I have a couple of tea designs, so now I thought I’d create something for the love of coffee.  I’m sure it will have a few tweaks by the time I’m finished stitching it, but I thought I’d share my vision with you. Here is “The Perfect Blend.”  I hope you will like it!  Have a wonderful weekend!!!
The Perfect Blend



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